Introducing CardLogic System’s MutiPay Fleet MasterCard

Small Business & Corporate Fleets

Whether you own a small business or help manage a large corporation, fleetcards are designed to reduce employee spending, eliminate overage and reduce potential fraud. Fleetcards can be used in a number of ways including maintenance, vehicle expenses, lodging, car rental, entertainment, food and more. This card can be limited to fuel only or opened up for other corporate purchases through controls. These tools will help save your business time and money and help manage your company’s fuel and business expenses.

Control Spending

One of the main advantages of using a fleetcard is the ability to control employee spending and save money. Fleet managers can set spending limits for days of the week, amounts and what the card can be used for. With these fuel management tools, you can take advantage of the flexibility to open the card for all purchases or limit it to just fuel or fuel and maintenance. Using a fleetcard, business owners and managers can save between 10 and 15% on fuel expenditure within a year. Your company’s drivers will be provided a card with a unique pin number. This card will be reserved for purchases related to work. As you keep a check on their spending, you can give your business an extra financial boost while ensuring that all responsibilities are fulfilled in a timely manner. In essence, you can effectively control spending without worrying about efficiency and productivity levels going down. This is a tricky balance for companies to achieve; fleetcards make it possible.

Universal Acceptance

Our MasterCard can be used as a credit or debit card anywhere that accepts MasterCard as payment. There are no limitations on what you can use the card for. It can also come in handy by saving you money when you use it for fuel. Whether you need a payment card for lodging, travel, entertainment, tolls, or parking, fleetcard will serve its purpose and simplify a lot of tasks for you.

Theft Control

As oil prices steadily rise in an unstable economy, employees may feel tempted to utilize the company’s funds for personal use. These cases are rising every day, and many of them go unreported. As a business owner or manager, make sure you closely monitor your company’s spending to detect instances of theft. Using a fleetcard can help you identify unauthorized behavior and take strict action accordingly. You can set up instant alerts for greater transparency. If a driver attempts to purchase fuel after work hours, the transaction will be rejected. In addition, you will be notified promptly. This check-and-balance system eliminates room for misuse.

Excellent Reporting

Using a fleetcard, you can reap the benefits of comprehensive reporting. This will cut your company’s work in half. Instead of spending a significant amount of time handling employee spending-related administrative tasks, your workforce can handle other pressing matters. Accurate, timely, and detailed reporting will streamline and improve your company’s performance on the whole. You can also use the system to identify vehicles that are underperforming or drivers who have odd spending habits.

Support for Drivers

Fleetcards also offer a wide range of benefits to employees. If your company operates on a cash basis, it’s possible that drivers have to pay for some expenses out of their pocket and wait for reimbursements in the meantime. Using a fleetcard, they don’t have to worry about this issue in the least. Your company’s drivers will also be able to utilize additional benefits like 24/7 emergency roadside assistance, etc. They will be provided timely support.